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New Golf Rules That Will Take Effect From Next Year

New Golf Rules That Will Take Effect From Next Year

Did you know that golf rules are changing? It is a good thing we are here to inform you about all these changes.

As you very well know, there used to be 34 important golfing rules before. The number has shrunk down to 24 now.

From January 1, 2019, the new rules will be enforced and every serious golfer should make themselves familiar with them. These rules will certainly have an effect on the game and will prove to be favorable.

We will tell you the new rules of golf and will also tell you why they were changed. Here are some of the major revised rules of golf:

1.        Ball Moved During Search

One of the major changes that has been made in the rules of golf is regarding the player moving their golf ball while searching for it. According to the new rule, if they move their ball during this time, they won’t be penalized for it. 

Another change that was made was that the ball in question will be replaced. And if the player does not know the exact position of the ball, the estimated position will be used.

When you hit the ball, it can end up anywhere from the field to the bushes. That includes you probing the leaves and the bushes. The opponent and caddie are also allowed to assist in that search.

If you move the ball accidentally, you will not be given a penalty.

2.        No Penalty for Moving a Ball on the Putting Green

The next rule that has been changed is that if a player or their opponent accidentally move the ball on the putting green, they will not get a penalty for that.

The putting greens are not flat round – there are slopes. And sometimes the air can cause the ball to move. And since there is no way of knowing whether the wind moved the ball, it seems unfair to award a penalty to a player.

3.        Ball in Motion Accidentally Deflected

The rule says that the accidental deflections of any kind, which includes the deflections from an opponent, the player, or either of their equipment, will not be awarded a penalty and the ball will be played as it landed. Though, there will be a penalty if the equipment was placed in a way to deflect the ball.

There are more than a few people on the golf course, and an accidental deflection should not cost the player. However, the player will have to accept the outcome, whether it is a favorable one or not.   

4.        Time for Search Before a Ball is Lost

When you are playing golf, there is a high chance that your ball might get lost. According to the old rules, you were given 5 minutes to look for that lost ball.

As per the new rule, that time has been reduced to 3 minutes.

Golf is played in a continuous manner and there are not many pauses in the game. Taking a 5 minute gap can increase the time of the game.

Though, because of the shorter search time the number of balls that get lost may increase, but the duration of the game will increase because of it. 

5.        Use of Damaged Clubs During Rounds

Golf can sometimes be frustrating and can lead to players taking their anger out on their clubs. The new golf rules state that the player will not be allowed to replace their damaged club during the round.

Though, if the club was damaged due to natural forces, an outside influence, or by someone other than the player or their caddie, they will be allowed to replace the damaged club.

6.        Use of Distance Measuring Devices

According to the new rules, players will be allowed to use distance measuring devices (DMMs) to measure distance.

Though, if there is a local rule saying that they are prohibited to use distance measuring devices, then it must be followed.

Distance measuring devices allow the players to measure the distance to the hole, which can give the players an edge in the game.

7.        Ball Accidentally Struck More Than Once During a Stroke

Sometimes, the player’s club can accidentally hit the ball more than once. Earlier, this action would have resulted in a penalty.

Now, that rule has been revised and there will be no penalty for hitting the ball more than once during a single stroke.

This rule was revised because it seemed unnecessary to provide the player with a penalty for a mistake.

8.        Expected Standards of Player Conduct

Just like every other sport, golf players are expected to adhere to a standard of conduct. The rule states that the players are expected to show consideration, act with integrity, and take good care of the golf course.

The committee has the authority to disqualify any player for performing any serious misconduct.

The committee also has the power to penalize any player for a minor misconduct.

9.        Encouraging Prompt Pace of Play

Golf requires a prompt play, and this rule encourages players to stick to the pace of the game. The players should respect the fact that there are other players on the course as well and should play promptly.

The players are required to prepare their stroke in advance and not take more than 40 seconds to play the stroke. The committee should make it a rule for the players to adopt prompt pace of play.

Now that you are aware of these rules, you won’t be caught unaware on the course. Keep all these new rules in your mind for the next season.

Happy golfing!

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